Do you have the Screamie-Jeemies?

For lovers of Gothic Whitby, C M Vassie’s SCRAVIR books have brought an amazing new twist to contemporary horror stories. The same with his time travel adventure The Whitby Trap. But, you often ask us, what about great scary Whitby books for kids?

We got busy! The result is the NEW and amazingly creepy (and fun) Screamie-Jeemies series, written by the enigmatic Halogen Jones. 

The four Screamie-Jeemie books and our other titles can be bought in wonderful independent bookshops across the Yorkshire region, including: Holmans Bookshop, The Whitby Shop, and the Whitby Bookshop in Whitby; Book Corner in Saltburn; Castlegate Books in Knaresborough; the Little Ripon Bookshop; the Helmsley Bookshop; the White Rose Book Café in Thirsk; Books on the Lane in Walton; and many others.

Many of our books are also available on Amazon, larger stores, and others. And, of course, signed copies from us here online! 

Featured books

Buy the new SCRAVIR II – Lacklight, and SCRAVIR – while Whitby sleeps together for just £20.99, carriage-free. The perfect gifts for lovers of dark tales. (Two or more copies of SCRAVIR II – Lacklight are also carriage-free. )

Along with our other books, including the epic time-travelling adventure The Whitby Trap, we have all sorts of stories to feed your love of dark northern skies and seas.

You can read some of the great reader reviews of SCRAVIR – While Whitby Sleeps, and opening chapters of the books on our product pages.